Fluoroboric acid Formula: HBF4
Relative molecular mass: 87.81
Character: colorless and transparent liquid; highly acidic; capable of being mixed with water and alcohol; hydrolyzed in water and decomposed when heated to 130C; toxic and highly corrosive.
Usage: preparation of borofluoride; electrolytic industry; stabilizing agent of heavy nitrogen, dissolvation of sponge titanium and its alloy.
Packing: the products is refilled in a polyethyene plastic drum, 25kg net weight per drum.
Caution at transportation: inorganic acid corrosive article of Grade II; UN code:1775; Specified number of hazardous goods:93010; Class of risk:8.

Specification %
HBF4 H3BO3 HF Fe Pb SO4 Cl
42 3 3 0.01 0.01 0.03 0.02