Hydrofluoric acid Formula: HF
Relative molecular mass: 20.01
Character: liquor of hydrogen fluoride; colorless and transparent with penetrating odor, highly corrosive and extremely volatile; promptly corrosive to glass and silicide material, but incorrosive to polyethylene or platinum, fluoride formed in the reaction to metallic salts, oxidate and hydroxide.
Usage: it is used for etching glass, electroplating, fluoridizing agent, reagent, fercelain procexing, petroleum industry catalyst, metal detergent and fluoridized product etc.
Packing: the products is refilled in a polyethyene plastic drum, 25kg net weight per drum.
Caution at transportation: Poisonous; UN code:1790; Specified number of hazardous goods:91035; Class of risk:8

Specification %
F-40 0.50 0.50