Postassium fluoborate Formula: KBF4
Relative molecular mass: 125.91
Character: white powder.density:2.50g/cm3. melting point:530C. slightly soluble in cold water, hot alcohol and ether, insoluble in alkaline fluid, resolved by strong acid into BF3, melting with alkaline metal and carbonate intofluoride and borate.
Usage: as flux used in light metal processing for metal surface treatment; as component in the production of aluminum-titanium-boron alloys and for the fabrication of grinding wheel and abrasive disc to reduce operating temperature; as flux used in welding; as fire retardent for cotton and artificial fibre; rodent for the removal of exposed lead in printed circuit board; chemical analytical reagent in electrochemistry; used to melt with silver, gold, stainless steel; as material to produce boron alloys.
Packing: packed with the plastic woven bag with Polyethyene plastic bag inside, the net weight; 25 kg each bag.

Specification %
KBF4 Si Cl Ca Pb Mg H2O
98 0.15 0.05 0.05 0.01