Postassium fluosilicate Molecular formula: K2SiF6
Relative molecular mass: 220.25
Character: white crystal or powder, no odor or taste, the relative density of hexagonal crystal system:3.08; that of cubic system:2.665(17C).ph:a little below 7, having absorption, slightly soluble in water, soluble in muriatic acid. Its solubility will increase a little with the temperature rise. Its insoluble in alcohol, and it hydrolyzes potassium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and silicic acid, and decomposes into potassium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride when in ignition.
Usage: used as antiseptic of limber industry; the assistant in smelting Mg and Al; in the production of potassium glass, optical glass and jealous glass in glass industry; insecticide in agricultural pesticide; intermediate of organic industry; analytical reagent in analytical chemistry; antiseptic materials in chemical industrial production; pottery and porcelain, synthetic mica and so on.
Packing: packed with the plastic woven bag with Polyethyene plastic bag inside, the net weight: 25 kg each bag.

Specification %
K2SiF6 SO4 Cl H2SiF6 Pb H2O Water insoluble
98 0.05 0.05 0.20 0.01 0.10 0.30